Short Hints:

  • During the British rule, the working class in India had to work seven days a week.
  • They were also not given time for food. Due to this, his health was deteriorating. In about 1857 AD, Narayan Meghaji Lokhande, the leader of workers in Pune, raised his voice for the rights of workers.
  • He argued that laborers should be given rest and personal tasks once a week. The movement for Hatti took Meghaji to Bombay.
  • On 10 June 1890, Meghaji Lokhande's attempt was successful and the workers were discharged for the first time on Sunday. - In 1843, India was declared a holiday on Sunday.
  • The Governor General of the time declared this holiday only for schools, colleges and offices. He was of the opinion that by doing this, students can concentrates more on studies and people on their work.
  • Sunday is considered the last day of the week according to the OG calendar. In English countries it has been named Weekend. According to him, this day is for rest, so this holiday was given
  • Sunday was considered to be the last day of the week by the International Standardization Organization. This day was said to be celebrated as a holiday. However, this fact was recognized in 1986.