Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What are the useful Recommended Blogging Platforms? (lesson-29)

Recommended Blogging Platforms

Blog this, tweet that, status update another, many people are blogging in a single form or another. If you want to go ahead and take the second step into the digital world and commence a web site your blog post could be the perfect starting place. We have come up with a recommended report on platforms to make use of to obtain started.

WordPress could be the daddy from the Blogging world which is our recommended blogging tool. It is easy to use, well supported and incredibly flexible in its design often used like cms. WordPress features a significant amount of free and premium themes in addition to everything from E-commerce to Social Networking plugins to expand its functionally.

Movable Type is definitely a comprehensive blogging system like WordPress with a tailgate end of support. It carries a good user base with large sites including Gawker's Media sites running it. Its advantage over other platforms is how easy it's to run multiple blogs on one install. Its community continues to be growing after its move to an open source format but us a very good system just like WordPress.

Blogger is one with the original blogging sites and services. Its owned by Google and possesses improved in the past with a simple usable system great for inexperienced users. Blogger requires no hosting service and contains zero setups however it does lack the expansion and customisation that other services offer.

Tumblr is really a mini-blogging system. Its an expansion of tweeting - More characters. It's an ever-expanding system and features a large number of themes provided by easy social media integration.

Joomla is often a full CMS and is a breeze to generate any type of website with the integrated extension system. It's easy to utilize and set up and features a good community supporting it.

Drupal and Joomla have become quite similar inside functionality with Drupal more directed towards community sites. Drupal is strong blogging platforms available and has the pliability to operate any style of the site. Its got an excellent community and is also open source in the design.

An online community integrated blogging tool. Has the ability to post via email integrated which is nearly the same as Tumblr in their function.  Has an excellent mixture of themes that are offered but lacks the customization of other services.

Penzu is a new platform with privacy as one of its main features, made for users seeking to share there blog having a selected few as opposed to the masses.
It's very much like a Journal in the operation having a quite simple user backend designed more for writing than for customisation.

We hope this brings you some clarity onto and can aide you using your choice. If you would like any help or advice please  contact us