Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Best 14 WordPress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs? ( Lesson- 17)

The Best 15 WordPress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs

WordPress is definitely an awesome website building platform which is relatively simple to master, within days even the timidest internet user may have a professional looking blog and website working. With WordPress, there is no need for HTML or JavaScript coding skills. Everything is created with a simple to operate 'plug n play' style system. I guess which is why they call the add-ons 'plugins'.

Once you have WordPress installed on to your server a default theme will probably be visible, it's usually the 'Twenty Eleven' theme, if you don't this way theme everything you should do is change it out. We will talk about how you can change themes in another post. For now, the default theme is a good example to begin your newbie blog.

WordPress functionality may appear somewhat basic in the beginning and it is, but even basic theme will be great if you are using it well, when you begin to add the plugins then your magic can definitely start. Plugins are able to turn your website from simply a 1 or 2 video posts to a complete video style website or it can turn into a photo gallery. You can add podcasts, sales pages, and e-commerce stores. The possibilities are endless. Anyway, I do not get you either too excited or frazzle the human brain with 'too much to learn syndrome'.

I will take it simple and commence small. I am going to supply you with a report on plugins that I think every new blog owner should know about and install before you go into the seriously good plugins. Some are crucial and a few are, well you guessed it, not. These are in no particular order

Akismet- Great plugin that stops spamming comments and deletes automatically saving you the time and annoyance of getting to go through please note left by people pushing porn or Viagra! Akismet is generally pre-loaded into WordPress and will be found in the plugin section. This will have to have a key so that it is enabled and you will register with Akismet to obtain a key. It used to be provided by but unfortunately, they have got stopped doing that.

Contact Form 7 - Great plugin this, adds a contact form (if you hadn't already guessed) for your site. You simply add in your email address contact information that you want emails delivered to, and then any other info you're looking for then copy and paste the simple code it gives you into a page. Give the page a name like hmmm 'Contact Me' hit publish and you're simply done.

 EzineArticles - This is a cool plugin, whenever you write a blog post, when you put links or pictures into it you'll be able to hit a number of buttons and send your fresh article straight to EzineArticles for distribution. Now marketing with articles had been big speculate Google has taken somewhat of a dislike to article sites I am not sure how powerful article writing is; however, it might be healthy for you if other websites and newsletters to look at your article using a link to your site and then use it.

Google Privacy Policy - This is important in the event you want to monetize your internet site with Google AdSense. They will not add any adverts to some site it doesn't abide by their terms as well as a site must have a Privacy Policy. This sorts all of it out, just like Contact Form 7, you copy a bit of code and post it in a page and hit publish. The job has done.

Google XML Sitemaps - The best way to describe this is by using the plugin description itself 'This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap that helps search engines like google like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your site' I couldn't have used it better myself.

CKEditor for WordPress- This is just the thing for copying and pasting from Word etc, keeping the writing and font formatting. Better than the conventional default text editor in WordPress. It offers you more choice and control when writing your blog post posts or importing pictures. This is not an essential plugin really, more a preference.

cbnet Ping Optimizer - This stops the over excessive 'pinging' of your how do people search engines like yahoo. WordPress by default will 'ping' your blog posts to help them to get index by the search engines like google. If you might be at all like me, you may create websites with the addition of bits, publishing it, taking a look, editing it, updating it etc. etc. This can go on time upon time after time. Every time you hit 'Update' WordPress will send a new 'ping'. You could imagine this really is good, it's not. Too much 'pinging' might actually not in favour of you. Google might think you might be spamming and looking to obtain index really fast for naughty reasons. So you could, in fact, be punished for excessive pinging. Installing this plugin is important.

Share and Follow - This is a social share plugging that adds all those lovely Social Media and bookmarking buttons with the top/bottom of posts allowing those who much like your posts to share and bookmark them (obviously) There is also a 'Follow Us' bar where you are able to add your Twitter and Facebook links to your website visitors can certainly link up and follow yourself the favourite Social Media networks.

Yoast SEO - Search Engine Optimization is crucial for websites to help them to get higher rankings within the search engines like google, this excellent plugin checks your posts when you publish them to see if these are written as best as they are often together with your chosen keyword to allow them to have a better ranking in places like Google. Alternately you are able to use All in One SEO Pack plugin. I prefer Yoast personally.

 Statpress Reloaded - This is a great little plugin for showing you ways many visitors you've had for your site, where they originated from, what page they looked over, what keyword phrases they used etc. Once you have activated it, it can be installed and operating, unlike Google Analyticator plugin which requires you to definitely set up a Google Analytics account and obtain an ID password before you can utilize plugin. Statpress Reloaded is not difficult and fast working.

WPtouch - Awesome plugin that automatically turns your website into a mobile friendly version. Most smartphones currently can view normal websites well and also the new edition of WordPress usually adapt automatically when viewed in phones, however proclaiming that. WP Touch makes your web site look better and arranges your site content into an easier to see list. Install, give it a try, if you do not like it deactivate it and delete. Not a problem

Related Posts Thumbnails - This cool plugin allows related posts to be viewed privately bar and in the bottom of your posts with the featured image, giving the various readers another thing to view, possibly capture their attention and also have them clicking through to your other posts keeping them in places you want them, on your web site!

WP Photo Album - Another excellent plugin which gives a better visual dimension to your blog post. This plugin allows you to upload plenty of photos, create albums and galleries. You copy some code right into a page, give it a title thus hitting publish to create picture galleries within your website. It has several widgets that may be placed into the sidebar making a picture in the day/hour, a slide show of pictures plus a top pictures section giving your web site an incredible visual experience.

FeedWordPress - This is for that lazy individual who can't stand creating their unique content.
Plugin this baby and it will pull content via RSS in the websites that you choose and place them onto your blog as posts. As long as they have an RSS feed of course. Great for news form of blogs.

 Use this alongside your personal content then you've the complete combination. Regular posting of content articles are good inside eyes of engines like google, they don't really normally like duplicate content but if you use it wisely it might can you good. The only drawback is that you must pick the websites that you pull your feed from wisely otherwise your website could get populated with rubbish.

So there you've got it 14 essential and non-essential WordPress plugins for that newbie blogger. Plugins might be deactivated whenever you want to have a look and in the event, you do not like them then stop using them. It will not affect your internet site. I advise one to keep the essential ones in as they're important.