Thursday, February 28, 2019

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About HOW TO GET TRAFFIC ON BLOG FROM A BOARD OR FORUM

how to get traffic on blog from a board or forum

One of the easiest ways to get traffic to your target website is to post it on the forum. Hopefully, you will be fascinated by the people you care most and be hard on your niche. If you get it wrong you will be wasting your time.
  • First, list your forums and discussion boards in your niche. Use the bookmark folder to save and organize them. After you've created a large list, check out which sites you rate and publish.
  • Let's first see how active the board is. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dead forums, some of which are still ranked high in search engines. Are these posts up to date? If you do not have a daily post, please continue. You need to find a community where your members participate on a daily basis. Look at the quality of your next post. Are there any posts that are interested in this niche, or whether the board has been seized in an independent position. If the quality of the board is bad, continue.
  • If you find an active board and its members are passionate about your niche, the next step is to check whether you are allowed to promote yourself. Many forums allow users to put links in their signature files, but nobody does it. Please read the rules before posting. If the link is not allowed, proceed first.
  • Some bulletin boards have no publishing rules. Look at the popular threads and see if other members have links to their signature files. If you do not do this otherwise, it may not be for you. If you think the bulletin is worth disclosing, I want to check it out. If you are prompted to delete the link, do not claim it. You can find more appropriate bulletin boards.
  • Once you find the appropriate bulletin board, you will begin publishing. You advertise there but do not openly deal with it. Do not cite your site in the posting body. People will see your signature file and click the link if they are interested. If you are not an introductory forum, do not start by posting a new topic.
  • Observing the forums before launch is a common board etiquette. As soon as you receive the message, you should start publishing immediately. Find popular posts and learn about other people's answers, and add your comments. Do not write long answers. The reply length is the same as the length of the other answer.
  • To maximize your bulletin board traffic, follow these rules: First, you limit the time you post online. You can spend all day reading any response and you can feel that you spent the day on the job. Post bulletin board 1-2 hours a day. Make sure you spend time on the post, not all the answers. Post more popular topics.
  • Several have been released, but up to 20 are being released. You do not want to spread yourself too thin because people want to know you. On the other hand, the fewer posts you post, the fewer you can access them. Your sentences do not need to be complete but use correct grammar and spelling so others can understand you. Let's be polite and kind. If someone has a question, answer the question even if you need to do a quick online search.
  • If avatars are allowed on the bulletin board, please upload your own photos. When they see the photo, people are likely to click on your link. It does not have to be a model. If you are not familiar with the picture, you can use the picture that fits your niche. If you are in a pet's niche, use your dog picture. If you are in the gap in your car, please use your car picture.
  • Let the reader click on your link. I would like to have a description of the text provided on your website. We use this phrase as a link, rather than simply displaying the URL. "Let's learn how to make money with a baseball card." "Search hundreds of recipes".