Sunday, February 3, 2019

how to get more likes on facebook page( 100% useful trick)?

how to get more likes on facebook page( 100% useful trick)?

I want to help you. So you're trying to get more Likes on your Facebook page without spending money. I totally get it. So go to one of your recent Facebook posts. And by the way, this is so easy you might feel ripped off after I show you, like. So you go to the page, go to one of your posts that's doing well and then down here at the bottom of the post where it shows you all of the people or how many people have Liked, Loved, basically added a reaction to it, click on that and it'll actually bring up this entire list of people that have engaged with your posts that way. You'll see most of them here already say "Liked" because they've already liked your page.

But scroll down and those who haven't liked your page - it'll give you the option to invite them to like your page Now first I was worried about bothering people and annoying people but these are people that have already engaged with your content. This is not like when a friend starts a new page and they invite everyone they know even if you haven't talked to them in 10 years. Plus Facebook will only let you invite them once. If they ignore it, it just shows that they've been invited so you don't do it again. So one more tip: to invite them soon after they engage with the post.

This is a good practice to go through your last few posts every day depending on how often you post because if they more recently engaged with your content then when they get that invitation they'll go, "Oh yeah, I like that video they posted," or that picture, and they're more likely to go ahead and Like the page at that moment. Isn't that cool that Facebook allows us to invite people to like the page after they have engaged with a post? I love that. Now I will say this: If you're not creating good content on Facebook already this isn't going to work because in order for it to work your content has to reach people who haven't already liked your page. So that means that you've got to create content where people are tagging friends in the comments, where people love it so much they are sharing it and getting it out into in front of other eyeballs. That's the goal here. So if you need to improve your content first before you do this trick I've got a method I've developed to help brainstorm content.

I'm happy to share it with you! Go ahead and then you'll be able to do that because your content every day will reach at least a few people that weren't on your page before and you can invite them to like the page. And finally, I know I said this is a way to reach more people for free, but if you spend even a few dollars boosting your posts to reach more people that are not already on your page, this works even better, because all of those new people will then be invited to like your page.

Apart from them keep in mind these great tricks to learn how to get more likes on facebook page as below

  • Use Strong Images Regularly
  • Connect with Other Pages
  • Include a “Like” Button on Your Website
  • Give Your Audience Something Personal
  • Completely Fill in the About Section
  • Make Your Profile and Cover Photos Count
  • Embed Posts on Your Website or Blog
  • Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Strategy
I hope this strategy will help you to get the best solution to know how to get more likes on facebook page