Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How To Blog Faster and More Efficiently? ( Lesson- 20)

How To Blog Faster and More Efficiently

Here are some blogging ideas to help you be a blogging master.

Post via E-mail
This option could be turned on within your WordPress blog by not making it Settings -> Writing.
What this allows you to do is post in your blog by sending an email that you've created. Therefore, in case you have an iPhone or internet-enabled cellphone you might basically "blog around the spot".

Think of this since your own twitter space - instead of tweeting for a Twitter microblog, you are tweeting for your own blog. The only limitation using this type of is that you may only post by email to a chosen category.

Schedule Your Post Publication
Ever have one particular nights where one can just keep going and going? (like when I what food was in my 20′s ) Okay, I meant you could just write so on, however you wouldn't like to publish them all in one night.

Well, WordPress does allow you to schedule you, in order to "content drip" your blog.

When adding a new post (or editing a post) you will notice a Publish meta box that permits you to change the publication date in the default immediately with a date/time of the choosing:
This is a great strategy to make your blog "work" while you are away.

So knowing you may be on travel to get a month, you could simply pre-write your site posts and schedule the crooks to publish to the period of absence to make it appear as if you are maintaining your blog!

Keep a List
I do not know present I've told myself, "Hey, I should really blog about that!" when carrying out my daily routines or perhaps talking to people.

These include the moments that offers you inspiration and ideas of the next post, in case you do not start blogging regarding it immediately or at best jot it down on your "My Next Blog Post List" it's going to almost certainly be forgotten.

So, it's a good habit to get a list on you so you can note down your thinking to capture these previous inspirational moments.

For me, since I'm on my own computer usually, I simply login to my WordPress blog and commence a post. Write up a title to remind me what this is about, and hit "Save Draft" as an alternative to publishing. Then I come time for these draft posts and finished them up later.

Small Words, Big Finish
Do you are aware of how freakin' difficult it's to create in a manner that enables you to sound more intelligent than you really are?

In fact, if I were to read your blog as well as the blogger throws out big SAT words and make use of complex sentence structures, it genuinely turns me off - it makes me feel stupid!

Once I accepted who I am, write just how as for how I would talk, words tend to flow better for me.
Try this yourself, and inform me for those who have no trouble blogging.