Wednesday, February 13, 2019

3 Reasons Why Commenting on Other Blogs Can Help Generate Ideas for Your Own? ( Lesson-11 )

3 Reasons Why Commenting on Other Blogs Can Help Generate Ideas for Your Own

How often have you sat your desk staring at the same blank word document struggling to generate something to convey? There's no doubt it may be frustrating. When that happens in lieu of continuing to attempt to force words out, it could actually be time for you to have a break to travel read and discuss someone else's blog. Here are three good reasons why:

1. Writing in that space is new & different 
First, notice I said read AND comment above, not simply read. How come? Because simply reading blogs can easily transform into procrastination or a never-ending surf session. The goal here it not just to kill time; it's to locate somewhere to produce a well-planned comment or two. This means you'll exceed "This is effective, thanks." While most bloggers enjoy that from time and energy to time, in cases like this giving praise won't accomplish your bigger goal of jump-starting your personal ideas.

On the opposite hand, in case you strive to create a significant point, you cannot help but engage your ability as a copywriter. Words and ideas often flow more easily as you comment since it is a change of pace from that blank page and you're also now in the discussion rather than looking to force out a write-up or post.

2. Comments are short
Once you obtain a weight comment, you may find you have a lot to convey, however, comment etiquette generally dictates they remain short. You may be able to find inside a few paragraphs, but in addition to that looks self-serving or long-winded. Keep your thoughts concise when you are the guest, then take that extra momentum and morph it into a longer post of your own. If you do, consider alerting the first host where you made the kick-off comment as maybe she will reciprocate on you together with continuing the conversation.

3. You can gauge reaction
Wouldn't you choose great to understand if men and women are thinking about whatever it is you are likely to reveal? You can do this with an extent once you comment elsewhere since following any reaction after which decide beyond this concept what you should come up with further.

For example, your comment could draw several direct replies from other readers or they might also build on that which you had to convey. In addition, you could get a reply from your host beyond a "Thank you for visiting". If according to him something like "well put", and even completely disagrees, that's an indication you hit on something good and expanding on that particular idea could generate a response on your blog also.