How to make money from tumblr

How to make money from tumblr


How to make money from tumblr

How to make money from tumblr

Tumblr is not actually social media, although many people think. It is not the same as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. It is purely a blog platform.Tumblr is a microblogging platform. But that does not matter, you can easily earn money with it!You can follow each other, respond to each other's messages and place all kinds of content (texts, images, videos, quotes and audio recordings). Unlike Twitter, you are not stuck to a certain length. To get many followers you can do two things: place good content and follow other people.To get more publicity you can also continue your placements on other social media channels. Be present with regularity. If you are absent a lot, followers will unfollow you faster.

Tumblr is a website where you can blog and post photos. This means that, with a free account, you can reach a lot of people around the world. And because you can also go into the depth of a blog and give a lot of information. Moreover, registration is free of charge and therefore a nice alternative for a website.

Tumblr offers the possibility that members follow each other. If you know how to build a popular account where many people read your blogs, you can already ask in advance to place an advertisement or advertising message in or with your article. The great thing is that with this method you are always certain of your income, because you get your money in advance. The downside is that you really do not get these kinds of offers, so you first need to get a lot of work to get as many constituents as possible.

Tumblr can also be used very well in conjunction with a website or webshop. Because you can reach more people via social media and thus transfer to your website. So if you already have a website, we strongly recommend that you apply this, because the more visitors, the more you can earn. Do not have a website or webshop yet and do you think about starting it? Or do you not earn money with your website yet? Please check our page about making money with your own website to do this quickly, because you leave a chance for free earnings!

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