How to make money from email marketing

How to make money from email marketing


How to make money from email marketing

How to make money from email marketing

E-mail marketing is a form of marketing (direct marketing). You can approach potential customers directly by sending an e-mail. This will allow you to approach your customers in a direct way. Before you can do this you must first collect leads and you need to have an e-mail provider. It simply increases your turnover. It is of great importance that you first build relationship management, so it is not that if you have collected a number of email addresses you can email directly. You can of course do this, but if you have ensured that you have first built up a good relationship with your potential customer and then send an e-mail, the customer will trust you more and you will have a much better chance of actually selling something.

It is also important that you never use the word newsletter! After all, people do not like to sign up for a newsletter, but would like to receive a discount. What you can put on your optin page for example is: receive $ 10 discount on your first order, fill in your details below. Do not have a webshop? Do you, for example, manage a blog? Then you can, for example, create an e-book and give it away to your potential customer free. With this e-book, you can for example show a small part of your company, For example, you can give valuable tips with an e-book in exchange for an e-mail address.

You see that there are a lot of factors that are important if you want to start with e-mail marketing. But we can already tell you that if you have invested a lot of time in building a good relationship with your customer you will also earn more.That customers who come to you via email buy more and spend more? Up to, 11% more than customers who buy from you through other channels?

Best ways to learn about How to make money from email marketing

Best tips to make money from email marketing.

Personalize your e-mails.
Set up an autoresponder with e-mail marketing.
Make use of a clear call to action in your email.
Give more value away and get more back.
Build a good relationship with your customer first.
Do not focus directly on sales, but first offer value.
Give something away in exchange for an e-mail address; your visitor is more inclined to sign up.
Use good e-mail marketing.

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