How to make money online from youtube

How to make money online from youtube


How to make money online from youtube

How to make money online from youtube

Everyone who is on the internet has watched a YouTube video, which makes it one of the most visited websites on the internet. However, not everyone knows that you can earn money on YouTube. Even people who have already put videos on YouTube never know that they can earn money here, while this is very easy. By simply enabling the 'show ads' function for your channel on Youtube and this way you can earn money. However, it is true that this only makes sense if people often view your videos.

There is no limit what you can earn on YouTube, so there are people who earn thousands of euros per month only with uploading videos. However, the majority of the people who put videos on YouTube do not earn anything up to a hundred euros per month. The difference in income is therefore mainly due to the number of people watching the videos. How many people have watched a video can be seen from the number of 'views'.

Did you ever notice that how many videos on Youtube running ads but not all of them? That is because not every YouTuber has turned that option on for his videos. Enabling that function is simple, but is only beneficial if your videos produce the good numbers of views. Exactly what you make mainly depend on the title of your ads and on the other hands how many of them may click on these ads.

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Checking some important points to make money on Youtube

You will get paid by Google Adsense, and the payout minimum is 100 dollars. That does it clear why this option is not attractive for the YouTubers those are having little no of subscribers. Are your films not paying a lot and therefore earn only $4-5 / thousand-views?

In order to show ads with your videos, you need a Google Adsense account. Your income is then also credited to this. The payout minimum for Google Adsense is seventy euros. So it comes down to, if you earn ten euros a month, that you can only pay ten euros after seven months. So it is really interesting only if you have several thousand views per month.

Before you can earn money you need a YouTube account, it can sometimes take a while before you can use the monetization function. This option can be found under the function page within your YouTube account. Keep in mind, however, that you can only create an account once, so if you upload unacceptable videos or have violated rules, it is no longer possible for you to make money with your videos.

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