How to make money online from google

How to make money online from google


How to make money online from google

How to make money online from google

The basic task of Google is to ensure access to its users online content. In such a way, if you do any kind of creative work, then Google can give you money instead. Make this a little easier. If you write well then Google can give you a large part of the advertising revenue by showing your ad to the reader with your article.

Google AdWords is Google's main source of revenue and the best advertising product. You can advertise your services and products very easily on Google AdWords according to your budget. Google AdWords earns the most money by showing ads (ads) in the search engine, similarly earns money from google search engine.

It is easy to say that Google AdWords does a variety of advertisements on Google Ads as well as on their website like Blogger, on YouTube, and on other self-hosted websites and blogs of other people. Advertising on Google AdWords, which aims to show advertisements on websites and blogs in addition to search engine as well as advertisements on Google's logo and blogs for which advertisers pay for blogs and blogs money.You can also make money with the well-known search engine Google. We will first consider this possibility if you already have your own website. Then also for if you do not already have one.

As a website or webshop owner, you may think that such advertisements only cost you money, for example with Google Adwords, where you pay for getting a high position in Google. But did you know that you can also earn money from advertisers using Google Adsense?

Basically Google Adsense is the reverse of Google Adwords. At Google Adwords you pay Google for placing an advertisement, while at Google Adsense you get paid for making advertising space available. An advertiser can choose to advertise, in addition to advertising in Google, on websites or web shops relevant to him or her. The advertiser then does not pay per click to Google, but to the relevant website or webshop owner. Starting with Google Adsense is very simple.

After your account is approved, you will receive a piece of code that you must implement in your website. You can then choose and set the ad types and formats yourself. The rest goes automatically: Google arranges everything. Based on the number of clicks on the ads on your website, Google will pay out a percentage (often around 70%) of the amount to you.

But beware: these are not astronomical amounts, so do not expect a huge turnover with your Adsense campaign. And clicking very often on the ads on your website does not work either. Google is fighting against click fraud: you are banned from the Adsense program and lose all your unpaid earnings.

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Conditions to make money online from google

This is Google's condition to make money.
To make a payment from Google, you have to keep $ 100 in your account. Only then Google will send money to you.
If your earnings from Google are below $ 100 then Google will not transfer money to your account.
The money you earn from Google Adsense every month will be added to your Google Account. $ 100 will only send money to your personal account.
Google adsense gives you many kinds of ads such as videos, photos, text, banners etc.
Choose the best ad for yourself and put it on your blog.

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